Courses developed since 2009:

Latin America between Fact and Fiction: An upper-division mixed lecture/discussion course focusing on the colonial and modern periods and considering questions of method, evidence, and disciplinary boundaries.

Memoir of Latin America: Developed initially as a Reading & Research syllabus with three students, this Reading and Writing course imagines the history of Latin America, from the fifteenth century to the present, through autobiography and memoir.

Truth-telling in History — Part of Boston College’s core renewal program, this course for first-year students looks at different time periods, different regions, and different kinds of sources to consider the fundamental historical question: is it possible to tell the truth about the past?

Chocolate and Sugar, Silver and Gold — Latin America and its Commodity Empires: An undergraduate seminar considering the intertwined histories of empires and the commodities that shaped them.

Archives and Sources: A graduate course focusing on the politics, theory, history, and practice of working in archives.

Early Maps and Distant Places: Part of Boston College’s “Making History Public” series, this undergraduate course curates a collection of early maps from the Burns Rare Books Library.

Colonial Latin America: An undergraduate lecture survey focusing on Latin America from the pre-Columbian period to the early 19th century.

Latin America in the Long 19th Century: A lecture survey focusing the “long” 19th century.

The Land of Eternal Spring – Guatemala and the Cold War: A freshman seminar introducing students to the practice of history through the study of primary documents and scholarly work relating to Guatemala during the Cold War.

Travelers in Latin America: An undergraduate lecture/discussion course focusing on travelers in Latin America from the colonial period to the present.

The Inquisition in Spain and the New World: An undergraduate lecture/discussion course focusing on the history of the Inquisition in Spain and the Americas.

Introduction to the Historiography of Colonial Latin America: A graduate seminar designed to introduce masters and doctoral students to the field of colonial Latin American history.

Writing the Conquest of the Americas: A methodology course for undergraduates on how the conquest of Latin America has been written and rewritten over the course of two centuries.

Latin America and the World: A History Core class focusing on Latin America and touching upon the related histories of Europe and Africa.